24 Hour Guarantee/Exchange Policy

My Secret Garden takes pride in selling you the freshest flowers available. If care instructions are followed and your flowers have wilted within 24 hours of receipt, please return the flowers to us and we will be happy to replace them. MSG will issue a store credit or immediate exchange for any purchases made. There will be no refunds.


Fees are calculated based on zip code. We do not deliver on Sundays. We do not take times on deliveries. Your arrangement will be delivered on the requested date, or you will be contacted if changes are needed.  Minimum orders for delivery are $60.00 plus delivery fee and tax..

When ordering please provide any specific instructions regarding the delivery, such as gate codes, suite numbers etc. Also provide cell, work, and home numbers for the recipient and sender. If the recipient is not home at the time of delivery, our driver will determine if there is a safe place to leave the arrangement. If it cannot be left we will call and schedule a more convenient time for delivery.

Substitution Policy

Due to seasonality and availability of flowers we may be required to substitute flowers colors and containers. This will be done by our designer and the look and style of the arrangement will not be compromised. The flowers chosen will be of equal or greater value.

Sales Tax and Payment Options

We are required to collect California State sales tax on the amount of the full purchase. We accept cash, Visa, Master Charge, American Express, and Discover.



Caring for your flowers

For fresh cut flowers fill a vase with water and a 1/2 packet of floral preservative. Remove leaves from stems that will be below the water line. Cut the stems to the appropriate proportion of the vase (for woody stems smash ends with hammer). Immediately place stems in water. Re-cut the stems and change the water every other day.

If your flowers arrive in a vase, immediately fill the vase to the top with fresh water. Change the water every other day by placing the vase in the sink and letting the water flow over until clean.

If your flowers are arranged in green foam make sure that the foam is fully saturated with water at all times.. And standing water can be felt by placing your finger on the side of the arrangement,

Never place your flowers in direct sunlight or warm/hot areas. Flowers should never be left in a vehicle. Please use caution when placing arrangements on special surfaces as the bottom the container may scratch, stain or leave water marks


Caring for Orchid plants

Orchids should flower at least once a year if given the right conditions. Place in bright indirect sunlight, high humidity and cool temperatures (60F) at night and warmer temperatures (70-80F) during the day. Misting the flowers and foliage can be done daily in drier conditions. If the container has a drain hole sit plant in sink and water once a week till bark or soil is moistened. remove any excess standing water. If no hole exists mist base of plant with 20-30 squirts from a water bottle once a week. There should never be any standing water at base of plant.